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Classroom Phrases, etc

Basic Phrases in Ancient Greek

Greek Conversational Phrases


Useful Ancient Greek phrases


Cambridge Greek Lexicon - to be published in 2018

English-Greek Dictionary: A Vocabulary of the Attic Language

LEXILOGOS - Ancient Greek Online Dictionary

GREEK Language and Linguistics web site w/link to Online Lexica for Ancient Greek

Diccionario Griego-Español - WIP

Kid Stuff

Ancient Greece for Kids - alphabet, numbers, etc

Greek Alphabet Song - a Google search

Ancient Greece: A Unit Study - for middle schoolers


Ancient Greek Online

Ancient Greek Tutorials @

Ancient Greek Tutorials

Classical Greek Online: Series Intro, Uof Texas

Labyrinth: Finding your way through Classics

Spoken Ancient Greek - Do you speak Attic? / Sprechen Sie Attisch?

Short Story in Attic Greek and English, w/Grammar Notes

Review of the pronunciation of Ancient Greek and its accents - Stephen Daitz

A Digital Tutorial for Ancient Greek -
Based on John William White's First Greek Book

How to Learn Ancient (classical) Greek for free online - the HowTo Directory - provides links to some other web sites - no endorsement implied by me

Some Ancient Greek Language Resources and Links for Beginners

Textkit Greek and Latin Forums

Harry Potter in Ancient Greek - The Classics Pages
with background by the translator

Introducing Ancient Greek - Open University web site

Greek Fonts Overview - Biblical Greek Institute

A brief history of the Greek behind the New Testament - Bob Greaves 8/15/12
no endorsement of the man or his mission, but this video is interesting

About Ancient Greece - other than language

Food in Ancient Greece - great article with illustrations

FOOD OF THE ANCIENT GREEKS - pdf file, prepared by

the Hoplite Association - a living history group dedicated to recreating the life and experiences of the Classical Greek period

Men of Bronze: Hoplite Warfare in Ancient Greece - complete text on line

Ancient Greek cuisine - Wikipedia

Ancient Greek Life, Culture, Politics and Economics - great web site, see especially: ANCIENT GREEK TRANSPORTATION AND INFRASTRUCTURE

Greek Daily Life - history for kids web site - with coloring pages too

Ancient daily life - Olympia, Greece web site

Art of ancient greece - Slideshare presentation

Music - Ancient Greek Dramatic Fragments With Lyre Accompaniment - and similar pieces, but includes player installation and tracking, etc. so I haven't actually used it