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Everything's growing ... in the garden

All this sunshine and rain has been great for the garden. I even have some first blooms on one of my tomato plants, and the acorn squash I planted in the corners of my cucumber bed are coming up great. The broccoli is doing so well it threatens to shade out the okra and peppers, so guess what's going to get more room for itself in next year's garden? I *love* broccoli :-) Even the carrots are hanging in there and looking like they might do OK.

The mouse who lives in my compost bin is eating away at my beans. Luckily he munches down on one plant at a time rather than nibbling at and damaging the whole row. Since I have plenty, I don't begrudge him a few.

My Menards buckets have been converted into flower pots, and Trina gave me a great metal bucket along with the raspberries that I've turned into a pot for those wild flowers that got crowded out by the raspberries and bird bath. I think it's a good combination and just hope I don't have too many in there!

I keep futzing with my bird bath area. The water seemed inclined to run off rather than soak in, so I've added some rocks and built up that side, and couldn't resist adding more flowers too :-)

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