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My new raspberry bed and plant updates

Trina gave me a bunch of raspberry plants, so the rest of the space in my garden plot (that I wasn't going to do anything but maybe plant wildflowers in this year) suddenly needed development as a raspberry bed. Which is why it is good to be flexible :-)

I'm still working on it, but here are a few progress shots. I had to add the below-surface edging plastic because of what I learned about how they spread while digging them up at Trina's. She had used the same edging and, even so, a few shoots had snuck out of bounds. If they do so with me, at least they'll just be sneaking into a sand path, so they'll be easy to spot.

The rest are just progress shots. My corn has started coming up, the first sign of my potatoes has appeared, the beans are coming up gangbusters, and most everything else is doing well except for the okra. I thought maybe I'd "burned" it by originally prepping that compartment for tomatoes with bone meal and chicken doo doo, but I just read that okra is delicate and can't stand cooler temperatures, so I bet that was what did it instead.

I've added some more flowers around my bird bath, which I really like, and the last photo is of a "wet land" plant that Trina's landlady gave me when she saw me digging up the raspberry plants. Not sure who she thought I was, but I know she wanted those raspberry plants gone, so maybe that was enough to earn me the wet land plant :-) In any case, it will look great next to the bottom pool in the bird bath. And that will probably about do it for plantings around the bird bath!

Probably too many photos in this post, but I want to keep a good record :-)

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