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Putting in a bird bath ... and more

The latest developments in the garden. I have a "plan" when I work on it, but I stay flexible, so things don't always follow the plan :-)

I scattered wild flower seed in the "undeveloped" area of the plot, after pulling the major weeds, but I think I just made room for more weeds. Then I read in my book that it's a myth that wild flowers can compete with existing vegetation. You really have to clear the ground and cultivate like you would vegetables or other flowers. So, I planted some of the wild flowers inside, so that I can see what they look like (and tell them apart from the weeds), and I'll clear the weeds and transplant them as they come up. In the meantime, I bought a few native perennials and put most of them around my bird bath. In the pics, I haven't planted them all yet, but I finished doing so today, after taking the photos. Oh ... and the rocks around the bird bath form a nice home for a toad, if one ever finds his way into my plot. There *is* a mouse (or vole) around. I've seen him a few times, darting from one cover to another. He built a nest in my compost bin when I first set it up, but then I think it got too hot for him!

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